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A safe place for all my hirsute honeys to talk about our hirsutism and other problems regarding PCOS and hormonal imbalances.


For those who don’t know what hirsutism is, I say in an abbreviated way that: is when a person is very hairy. Almost all the boys are hairy beings, it is “normal”, but when a lady is hairy, people say it is “problem”. Of course, hirsutism means that you have hair in areas…

I just wanted to share my story.
I’m 16 and I’m often insecure about my hirsute body. For me it seems like a lot of hair. I have the PCO-S but it’s not sure that that’s the problem for my hairy body. I’m from the south and my sister is a bit hairy, too (and cousin). In summer I’m more confident bc my hair isn’t then as dark as now (I’ve even just bought a crop top). I bleach the vertical line to my belly bc it’s the darkest part & my sideburns. I wax my arms, mustache and in summer sometimes my butt. Bc of my neck hair I don’t do anything special, I just don’t wear clothes that show it. But sometimes it’s very difficult to find this, so my hair can cover my neck haha I began taking the pills 2 months ago, that should help reducing the androgens. Atm I don’t see changes. I’m still hoping.. I read that spearmint can help reducing facial hair, so I’ll try it out.
I wish I could link a pic but it doesn’t work :(

-Submission from anon

-I’m still really crappy at posting submissions so I had to post it as a text post, whoops! Anyway thank you :) Sorry you were unable to link a picture I’ll make sure the option for submitting photos is on!

For those of you who didn’t already know, the picture of my thigh with the stretch marks has been removed. I had a incredibly inappropriate comment from some stupid porn blog in my ask box regarding it and I just sort of blew my top over it and decided it would be best to remove it for now. Honestly I don’t have a problem with people with body hair fetishes or preferences following me or messaging me, that’s fine enough but when you start sending borderline sexually aggressive comments to me that is where I draw the line. This isn’t a blog specifically meant to indulge anyone’s sexual desires, it is literally just a place for me to share my experiences with hirsutism with other people who are interested. I’m flattered that people find me attractive but if you must express it to me there are respectful and courteous ways of doing that as has been evident by some of the other people who have messaged me. I’m not trying to “tease” anyone or suggest anything by my photos, it’s literally just a photo of my body hair and nothing else, in fact there have been a lot of photos I’ve ended up deleting because I didn’t know if they would look too ‘sexual.’ I may try reposting it when I’ve cooled off a bit, I’m not a prude or anything I just get incredibly angry when people try to disrespect me and feel entitled to send sexually aggressive messages to random strangers on the internet even though it’s blatantly clear porn is not purpose of this blog, in fact this blog was created as a way to air things I was insecure about by purposefully drawing attention to them.
Nonetheless thank you very much to all the people who have managed to comment on this blog in a respectable manner, I really appreciate it. Enjoy your holidays everyone! x

Anonymous said: When do you come online again? :(

*siigh* I’m sorry anon, I do try. Our internet has been on the blink lately and it’s been hard getting online, as the summer comes around you’ll probably be hearing a lot more from me as well lol. Rest assured that I’d never go on a long hiatus without letting you all know in advance and usually the only times I am away for a while is because I physically can’t access the internet!

Anonymous said: i have VERY dark brown hair, and i have body hair EVERYWHERE. all over my stomach, arms, breasts, and the area around outside my vagina.. i get anxious about it when i wear bikinis on holidays. and i'm afraid to wear tops that reveal my stomach because of my dark hair. im also thinking of the future if i have a bf/gf and they judge me on my body hair. im afraid of what ill look like having sex when im older, will the hair be gross? will my partner think its gross? what do i do??

For a start I would just like to reassure you that arm hair and hair around your vagina is NORMAL literally I have never met a woman who did not have one or both of those things, hell stomach and breast is also very common especially for women of specific ethnic groups so please don’t worry. I’ve felt that way for such a long time, I worried if my clothes would reveal my body hair, what would happen when I had sex, what would happen if I got married and my partner had to see me really hairy and honestly it does not matter. Like seriously believe me people do not care, like at all. I keep the majority of my body hairy and have never had anyone reject me because of it and like it’s really obvious body hair. Anyone who shows any sort of problem with your body hair is not worth your time whatsoever, seriously. Those kind of people are generally small minded, immature and/or misogynist air heads with a serious self entitlement complex who think that every woman on the planet HAS to look exactly like what they want. I wasted so much time worrying, spent so many hours crying and feeling lonely and ugly and it was all for nothing, when you meet the right person it won’t make any difference. Please trust me anon you don’t have to stress or change anything about yourself that you don’t want to because a good partner or friend will not care. x

Anonymous said: i'm so insecure about my hirsutism. i wish i could be confident like you and so many other girls on here about it but i just can't. it's controlling my life!! i'm getting laser hair removal for my 18th and if that doesn't work i don't know what i'd do. the hope it's giving me is the only thing keeping me going. i hate it so much :(

That’s alright nonny, tbh I probably appear to a lot more confident on here than I actually am, I struggle with my hirsutism a lot too and it’s taken me a long time to accept it. It’s ok to feel that way sometimes, we live in a world that unfortunately takes great pleasure in making women feel very bad about themselves for the sake of making more money, so it’s easy to feel like your flaws control your whole life and that your worth as human being is dependant on your appearance. I hope that laser helps you out, but whether it works for you or not being hairy doesn’t make you bad or ugly or worthless so please try and keep that in mind. x

yodaearsaremyfavorite said: Nothing to do with our previous conversation but I wanted to share that my friend doesn't shave her legs and she has A LOT of hair and they're dark and you can see them clearly but she's dating a 14 years old dude who doesn't give a shit about her legs. I mean, some boys seem to be more mature in some aspects than some 20 years old guys, I also have hope that most of the boys in the future really won't give a flying fuck to body hair lol

That’s absolutely right, I don’t buy any of this “boys mature slower than girls, boys will be boys” BS that we’re expected to believe and therefore end up conforming ourselves to. It’s up to every individual on what they choose to believe and respecting somebody’s choice to do what they want with their body is a human right, if someone has a problem with that they seriously need to adjust their thinking. Good on your friend and her boyfriend!


making fun of body hair is mean and rude and cruel and you shouldn’t do it. people don’t voluntarily choose to have body hair, and if they choose to keep it its their fucking decision and it shouldn’t be ridiculed just because this culture’s weirdly obsessed with hairlessness there’s nothing wrong with hair it’s just hair stop making people feel bad for having it that’s awful

yodaearsaremyfavorite said: I actually feel like an hypocrite when I say you shouldn't be conserved about human flaws when I myself struggle so much with them. But you know what I've been realizing these days? More and more girls are having stomach hair etc. I mean most of them doesn't have that much as we do but it's still better than nothing I guess...I hope someday body hair in girls will be seen as normal. If I could shave it I wouldn't be so bothered but my skin gets pretty mush irritated by everything ~continue~

~continue~ so I try avoid putting razors near my skin as much as possible. Do you have pics of your back? I mean, is it hairy? Mine’s super hairy and I absolutely hate it. Having to be careful with the type of clothes I choose is also a pain in the ass tbh and when I got older I was expecting this massage thing but my back URGH

That’s ok! Honestly I feel like a hypocrite a lot on here sometimes since I’m always preaching about body acceptance and how body hair isn’t a big deal and how normal it is etc and yet I still have a lot of difficulty accepting my own body a lot of the time. Idk I’d like to think that women and girls are starting to become more aware of body positivity and the realization that a lot of our beauty standards are completely effed up and unrealistic and they don’t need to things to be accepted by other people, namely men. It can be hard though when you look around and all the billboards and movies and tv shows and advertising campaigns etc only show ‘flawless’, hairless, silky smooth women.

My skin is hella sensitive and it pisses me off cause say with my chest hair or shoulder/back hair, I’ll remove it and then get these red bumps everywhere and by the time they’ve gone down and I feel comfortable wearing something that shows my skin, the hair’s starting growing back again! My back is v hairy and I have a lot mixed opinions about it, also since it’s on my back I feel like I’ll never truly know how hairy it is because I can’t see it all properly and that kind of scares me! I do have a picture in my tagged/me of my lower back tho and despite years of waxing, that shit still won’t lessen but eh, I’ve realised it’s kind of pointless to fight against it. As I said in a recent post, it’s worth trying not to let body hair stop you from doing things. Also in the case of getting a massage or something similar, they’re professionals who no doubt will have seen plenty of body hair, spots, scars, wrinkles etc in their time and probably don’t think anything of it. I feel where you’re coming from though, living with hirsutism requires a lot of patience!

Anonymous said: I used to shave my arms when i was younger so now i shave them but yeah my arms are shaved but my shoulders arent aand it can be seen and i dont know what i can do, arms hair grew thicker and black and i' m very embarrassed

Ooooh shaving arm hair is always a fucker, however shaving doesn’t actually cause hair to grow any thicker or darker, that’s a myth, It just seems that way because shaving cuts the hair blunt. Anyway shoulder hair can be very annoying, it’s probably one of the things I struggle the most with, personally I either epilate it or bleach it. I think bleaching it is better tbh because it looks practically invisible and doesn’t leave any red bumps the way epilating or waxing does. As for your arms they’re probably nowhere as bad as you think they are, if you really want the hair gone I would recommend having them waxed, otherwise I’d tell you to leave them, arm hair is so common and really not a big deal. Hope this helps x

yodaearsaremyfavorite said: Seriously though, you don't have that much stretch marks (I have a lot more on my thighs and butt, they actually go to my hips, and my knees) you shouldn't be concerned about human flaws tbh

Yeah thanks, I have a few that aren’t pictured but I think I just blow them up to be such a big deal in my own mind. You’re totally right though, they’re a completely normal thing, there’s no point being overly concerned by them! x

Anonymous said: LITERALLY I HAVE THE SAME BODY AS YOU (from what I've seen in pictures anyways!!!) OH MY GOD ITS THE SAME WITH THE STRETCH MARKS AND THE CHEEK/THIGH HAIRS I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE!!! I've actually come to not mind my stretch marks, i kinda like em lol they look cool!!!! But the hair is still an issue but I don't shave so I've been working on just accepting it ^.^ anyways thank you so fucking much for this blog, seriously!!! It helps me to know im not alone. Have a nice day!!!!!


That’s so awesome, thank you nonny!! I’ve never seen anyone with stretch marks like mine before so it’s great to know that there’s someone out there who’s the same as me! They do look pretty cool actually, I always thought they looked a bit like lightning haha. That’s awesome that you’re working on accepting the hair too! I stopped removing a lot of my body hair and I feel like it’s helped a lot in feeling comfortable about it because you start to see it as a part of yourself and your body as opposed to something that needs to be removed all the time. Thank you so much though, I get a lot of messages from girls telling me that they’re glad they’re not alone and honestly I feel the same way, I get so happy when you guys send me messages saying that you have the same stuff as I do, it makes me feel so much better knowing that you’re all out there looking and feeling the way I do. You’ve seriously made my day anon, have a wonderful life!

Anonymous said: I saw your post you made when you put the pic of your stomach and saying that you went to get a full body massage. I always though that I was the one who had hair like that on my stomach. I'm a hairy girl ( I've start seeing hairs on my color bone no

Nooo definitely not, there are a lot of other women who have hair on their stomachs! I always used to feel like it was only me especially since I have quite a lot of hair all over my stomach but we are certainly not the only ones. I have hairs on my collar bone too, I used to absolutely hate them at first but I’ve come to grips with them, I think we notice these things a lot more on ourselves than other people would. If they really bother you, you could try bleaching them but honestly they’re so small and insignificant, it’s really not a big deal x

Anonymous said: I really admire your page. My wife has facial hair to the degree she shaves at least once a day. The I find that attribute very attractive. She knows how I feel, and respect how she feels. My question is How can I make her feel comfortable around even me? I do not want her to feel embarresed anymore. Thank you for your time. -Jack

Thank you! That’s really sweet how considerate you are of your wife, I can’t speak for her obviously but I think just generally being understanding, encouraging and supportive can help a lot. Sometimes just complimenting her and reminding her that you love her and don’t expect her to change for you can also be quite nice. Unfortunately there isn’t a magic word that you can use to make her feel completely confident, as nice as that would be! She’ll have to come to grips with it in her own time and until she accepts herself she may still feel embarrassed or self conscious. Just gently offering help and support in whatever way you can seems like your best bet. Thank you for your message x

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