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A safe place for all my hirsute honeys to talk about our hirsutism and other problems regarding PCOS and hormonal imbalances.


leave lil girls w/ facial hair alone yall for real that shit fucks you up something fierce

Anonymous said: Um, but how do you fuck with unshaved legs?







how are hairy legs an impediment to have sex

what kind of sex are u having that requires 100% shaved legs friend

Foreplay is actually more challenging… kissing your way up a hairy thigh feels weird for both of you. @spacestepmom may be having very unstupendous uninteresting sex

if hair on legs kills ur weak ass foreplay game u were probs never good at it to begin with lmfao

women are expected to gurgle past your hairy cock and balls but you cant rub a hairy thigh and maintain a boner?


guys worth your time do not care if you shave your legs or arm pits. it really does not matter as much as you think it would.

Reblogging again cause it got better haha


people who are like “no guy is gonna want to sleep with you” when they hear I don’t shave -so you mean its going to ward off all the guys I DON’T want to sleep with? hot diGGITY this underarm hair is paying for itself!


I think learning to say “She’s beautiful and I am also beautiful” is really important. So many times we just compare and contrast ourselves against other people but it doesn’t need to be like that.


Lil bit uh bush bush peekin out


Lil bit uh bush bush peekin out

girl standing in line behind me noticed my hairy legs: ew that's so disgusting you need to shave
me: if it bothers you so much why don't you just shave them for me?
girl: oh god no why would i do that? that's your job!
me: why is that my job?
girl: because it's gross, im not going to shave them for you that's not my business
me: im sorry what was that?
girl: it's not my business
me: exactly it's not your fucking business, now please shut up and worry about yourself

society: expects women to shave huge parts of their body to be presentable
society: wonders why women take so long to get ready


I will forever support fellow poc girls who have to wax and shave because if they grow it out white girls wouldn’t think of it as feminism but they’ll just say “she’s hairy and dirty” and call her a “monkey”
But when a white girl has like three hairs on her armpit from growing it out for months…

Lmao I got a really angry message and lost 2 followers after posting that ask about ahs, sorry that actual people being ridiculed, insulted, taken advantage of and humiliated is less important to you than critique of a TV show

Anonymous said: Almost a week is over and I haven't shaved. I feel rebellious hahaha

dangeroushabitx said: 1 of 2: I am so happy I found your blog omg. I've had insane amounts of body/facial hair ever since puberty and it's just gotten worse over the years. Recently I went to some specialists to see if I had PCOS because I can go a whole year without my
2 of 2: period and it just made sense to me that I had it, turns out I don’t. Do you know if it’s possible to be hirsute without having PCOS? I shave my whole face and chest every morning and then come evening, I have scruff.
It’s such a relief to know that other young ladies have to deal with this excess amount of hair. Sorry for all the messages!
Oh I’m so glad to hear that I’ve managed to help somehow! So many women have no idea what’s going on with their body and I often feel like it’s such a shame that there’s such a lack of education when it comes to things like PCOS, hirsutism, hormones etc because people are too scared to talk about women having pERIODS!!?!?1 and BoDyHaiR!?!? and unfortunately it results in a lot of very miserable, lonely and confused young women who feel terrible for something that’s completely out of their control! PCOS is absolutely not the only cause of hirsutism, other hormonal issues such as excessive testosterone/androgens or increased insulin could be one reason, alternatively ethnic/racial background or genes could play a part in it too just be persistent with your doctor and I’m sure they’ll be able to get to the root (no pun intended) of it! x
Anonymous said: I'm angry about American Horror Story saying that being a '' bearded '' lady means you're a freak because (I'm quoting from an article) not many woman can grow facial hair and that this can is either caused by a hormonal imbalance or a genetic disorder called hypertrichosis, or a side effect of anabolic steroid use. ITS CALLED HIRSUTISM OR PCOS OR HAVING BAD GENES, WHY ARE THEY PRETENDING THAT THIS DOESNT HAPPEN TO WOMAN? - JT

Ugghh add this to the long list of reasons why I’ve never like ahs, can we please please stop re enforcing the tired stereotyped that bearded women are “freaks” and not real people who have feelings? I still see this tired old trope all the time and it’s just straight up disrespectful and dehumanizing like I really think dumb bullshit like this is really harmful to women who do have obvious beards and facial hair as well as to hairy women in general, it’s not even uncommon for women to have facial hair even if it’s not as coarse as women with hirsutism! And I know everyone is going to try and defend it like, “oh but they did use to have bearded women at circuses, it’s accurate!!!” that’s no excuse though, ridiculing someone or putting them on show because people feel they are “deformed” is so unbelievable inappropriate, you’d think that people would’ve become a little less ignorant since  the 19th century when bearded women were most commonly shown at ‘freakshows’ but I guess not. All things like this do is keep on encouraging people to see hairy women as less of a person and more as something to be picked at and criticized. Your anger is totally justifiable anon!

Being in a relationship with a man who adores body hair is like one of the best feelings ever like how did I even date anyone else bc you don’t feel uncomfortable/self conscious bc of your body hair, even if you do sometimes they’ll be really supportive and help build you back up, don’t have to deal with petty nonsense during sex (“oh I won’t do that unless you shave” pfft) on top of which he’s just a great guy in general like thank The Lord these men still exist 🙌 🙏

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